Career & Life Coaching

If you feel like fun and joy has been sucked out of your life and you’re stuck in a ground hog’s day of the same-o same-o, I have the perfect solution for you. During our time together, we’ll explore what you truly would love in work, life, health, relationships, money and time.

Even if your mind is fuzzy and you’re not sure what you would love, within a short period together you will have a much clearer idea. This is your life’s purpose and when you connect to it and passionately pursue it, life will feel amazing.

We’ll start this journey together as I lead you through a magical self-discovery process. You’ll begin to see the world and yourself in a whole new light. You will feel much more empowered to make important decisions in your life and unhealthy stress will melt away.

With my guidance, you will be taking critical steps toward living a life you love and soon you will find that your old lackluster way of life has disappeared. The new YOU will feel proud, strong and in complete control, creating results unlike anything you’ve ever achieved before… I call these dazzling results.

The duration of our time together varies based on your needs. The minimum is 3 months.


Business Accelerator

This is for those of you who decided to go for your dream career and start your own business. Way to go!

Now comes the biggest challenge… attracting clients and growing your business so that your new business truly is a dream come true (and not a nightmare).

For most, starting a new business can be overwhelming and many people have struggled to make money doing what they love. So often, new businesses fail. Having a high level of support is key to your success.

During our time together, I will dig in deeply with you to implement strategies step-by-step. This will be a very hands-on experience and will include methods for getting out there and making yourself known, confidently speaking about yourself and what you do, knowing who your ideal client is and targeting your clients with a message that’s specific and meaningful to them and so much more.

In addition, we will address the biggest obstacles new entrepreneurs face which include overcoming self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, financial worries, feeling stuck, poor time management, and fear of doing something new like speaking or networking.

If you’ve struggled to lift your dream business off the ground, this highly intensive, hands-on program is for you. I’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you to move forward and take the steps to success.

This is a year-long program.


Coaching for Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, losing sleep seems like a regular phenomenon, especially, when your company is struggling and you’re not sure how to turn things around.

During our time together, we’ll explore the big picture of what you would like to create in your business and in life. What do you want your business to be known for? What kind of environment do you want to create for your employees? How would you like your business to work FOR you rather than you working for it?

As we work together, I will be sharing with you strategies to stay out of the weeds and stay in the vision of what you would love to create. We’ll also explore strategies to keep your business from always taking center stage and robbing you of your joy in other areas like travel, health, relationships, and freedom of time and money. This requires a whole new way of thinking but once you learn it, you can create dazzling results in every aspect of your life and your company will once again be a place of inspiration.

The duration of this program varies based on your needs. The minimum is 3 months.