Why I Want You to Succeed

I have worked for some of the largest organizations in the U.S. I have managed very large teams upwards of 100 employees at times. My teams were always the highest performing teams in the nation and I’m very proud of the people I worked with but…

I also saw many people who were unhappy with their jobs and the toll that took on their lives. High stress levels, calling out sick often, anxiety disorders, depression, and stressed out home lives were common issues. In my particular industry, weight gain and poor nutrition were common problems also.

I’ve Been There!

For over 10 years, I felt this nagging feeling that I was meant to do something different but I struggled to figure out what that “thing” was. Overtime, this nagging feeling became a screaming voice. Since then, I’ve discovered what my passion is helping others discover their purpose. 

Those who know me call me the Queen of Clarity & Implementation because in short period of time I can help you discover what you were meant to do and get on the fast track to doing it. Many of my clients have been waiting years, sometimes decades to finally reach out for help so they are usually at their breaking point. This is why I dig in and we get started right away. Even on our initial call, I assign homework.

The best part is, every client I have worked with has said the same thing – their lives feel better overall as a result of working with me. They feel less stressed. They enjoy life more. They feel healthier.

This is because I work with individuals holistically. Ultimately, people want a better quality of life. It doesn’t do any good to have a great job while struggling with finances, relationships and health. This is why I show my clients the steps to creating a life they love at work and at home.

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Client Testimonials

I am a working mom that came to the realization that I needed to make choices for myself.  I was so busy doing things for everyone else that I was lost in the day to day.  I needed to do things that I liked, wanted, and for myself, but I didn’t even know what this meant anymore.  Working with Danielle helped me to find myself, discover what I would love, and what I wanted to put my energy into to work toward.
– Marci, Dundee, OR

Danielle is an awesome coach! Having our coaching calls each week helps me relate my own dream into the lessons. She helps put things into perspective. If I am struggling with an obstacle or need clarification she helped guide me. Having the scheduled calls keeps me accountable to follow through with the program. She’s very encouraging and I feel very comfortable to tell her things I would normally tell people. My communication with my spouse is better. My house is cleaner. I feel better. I just enjoy things so much more. My life has been enriched.
– Byron, Beaverton, OR

As women, our role in this world continues to expand and evolve beyond what previous generations ever thought possible or perhaps necessary.  It has never been more important for women to not only lead in this world but lead with intention and care for themselves.  Danielle Issac has provided coaching, insight and mentoring to create for me a framework through which I can embrace my greater life’s purpose, execute long term changes that not only benefit me but that of the world around me and ultimately, root me my goal in service to others.  The Relentless Women program is life changing!

-Pam, Charlotte, NC